Château Castagnac is made up of 38 hectares of vines mainly planted with Merlot Noir, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon.

We plow a large majority of our clay-limestone soils to no longer resort to herbicides.

Since 2020, we have also been practicing mating disruption, an environmentally friendly method for the fight against cluster worm.

The entire Vineyard has been certified High Environmental Value Level 3 since 2019. We protect biodiversity by having more than 30% of our surfaces in meadows or woodlands and we limit our inputs as much as possible.

Château Castagnac

Wines for keeping

Prestige range - Barrel aging


Aperitif wines - sulfite free

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Barrel aging

Château Castagnac - Cuvée Raphaël

Fruity - 100% Merlot

Château Castagnac - Cuvée Margot
Château Castagnac - Cuvée Margot
Château Castagnac - Cuvée Margot
Château Castagnac - Cuvée Margot
Château Castagnac - Cuvée Margot
Château Castagnac - Cuvée Margot

Powerful - 100% Cabernet

Gourmet wines


Woody - Blended wine




Rosé de Castagnac

The history of the Château

The origins


It was in 1865 that Château Castagnac originated with Jean Baudou, owner of a few plots of vines in the town of Vérac. Mainly planted in Sauvignon, Jean then his son produce the first bottles then only in white wine.

Castagnac and the Coudert family


The history of Château Castagnac truly begins with Paul Coudert who, hairstylist then mason by training, finally decides to embark on the wine-growing activity by acquiring some land in the place called "Castagnat" known for the quality of its terroir as well as the chestnut harvest (castagnat meaning chestnut in Gascon).

He was joined a few years later by his wife, Denise Coudert, and the two of them significantly enlarged the farm thanks to the acquisition of an additional 10 hectares.

The rise of the Château


In the 1970s, Bernard Coudert, 4th generation of winemakers, took over Château Castagnac and embarked on a profound restructuring of the estate through the acquisition of plots in AOC Fronsac and Bordeaux Supérieur and developed the mechanization of the work previously carried out mainly with horses.

The 2000s


In addition to his functions as a wine grower, Bernard Coudert has always been very involved in regional life through his functions as administrator of the Aquitaine regional credit union of Crédit Agricole as well as president of the Departmental Group of Harmful Organisms (GDON) which fights against the golden flavescence also called the phylloxera of the 21st century.

Bernard Coudert also received the medal for agricultural merit in 2005.

Castagnac today

In 2016, Lydia Coudert, 5th generation winegrower, joined Château Castagnac and manages all the wine marketing activity. Since 2018, an environmental approach has also been launched and we have been HVE3 certified since 2019.

The Château Castagnac team coordinates all viticulture and winemaking activities and the bottling is carried out directly on the property.

From planting to marketing, we control the entire chain and traceability.

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