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Do you want to buy our wines?

We have a large number of distributors in France or abroad, look for the one near you by clicking on the map below.

You can also order directly from our online store (Château Castagnac range only) or through our network of ambassadors. The ambassadors are all friends and acquaintances of the Coudert family to whom you can have your wines delivered.

And of course, you can go directly to the vineyard and meet us in person!

We offer you 3 possibilities


Find a distributor near you

Stock always available

No shipping costs

Benefit from the advice of the wine merchant

Can't find the wine you want in store? Contact us and we will do our best to find a solution.

Boutique en ligne

Place an order on our online store

Buy direct from the winemaker

​ Home delivery within 5 to 10 days. Free withdrawal at the property

​ Free delivery costs from 120 € of purchase

Access to all wines and packaging


Place an order with one of our ambassadors

Buy direct from the winemaker

Property rate

Withdrawal of your order from an Ambassador within approximately 1 month.

Our ambassadors are all individuals, friends and acquaintances of the Coudert Family

White Wine

Meeting with the dad, exceptionally friendly, excellent wines with an unbeatable value for money, we are even divided with pears from the garden 👍, thank you for this moment

Red Wine
None of these options are right for you?
Contact us, we will find a solution together!
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