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Château Cleyrac

Château Cleyrac is made up of 12 hectares of vines mainly planted with Merlot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon. We plow our clay-limestone soils to no longer resort to herbicides.

Since 2020, we have also been practicing mating disruption, an environmentally friendly method for the fight against cluster worm.

The entire Vineyard has been certified High Environmental Value Level 3 since 2019. We protect biodiversity by having more than 30% of our surfaces in meadows or woodlands and we limit our inputs as much as possible.

The history of the domain

The history of the Château

The origins


The Château Cleyrac was built in 1819 by M. Pascaud who was a pharmacist and had his pharmacy in the tower of the Château

The first vines


As of 1860, the first vines were planted along with the construction of a long path joining the castel to the little town of Villegouge. This was done for the wedding of the daughter of M. Pascaud

The rise of the Château


In the 30's, the Château was bought by M. Loyer who stoped his activity as an insurer to become a winemaker. In the 50's the Château was again sold to M. and Ms Lagarde. Ms Lagarde still lives in the Château and is more than 90 years old now.

Cleyrac today


For more than 15 years, the Coudert family has been running the Château Cleyrac. A huge restructuration of the vineyard and a strong development of the commercialisation has been done. Since 2016, Lydia Coudert, 5th generation of winemaker, has taken over the management of the vineyard and export sales.