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Chateau Coudert-Mauvezin


The Coudert vineyards have their roots at Château Coudert-Mauvezin! It is in fact on the place called Mauvezin that in 1865 the first vines were planted by the Bergeon family. Mr. Bergeon and his son-in-law Jean Baudou will produce the first wines then only in white.
Many restructurings were subsequently carried out by the Baudou family and then the Coudert family and today this beautiful hilly estate, planted exclusively with Merlot noir, produces a high quality red wine in AOC Bordeaux Supérieur.

Grape variety:

100% Merlot Noir


10 hectares



Higher bordeaux




Vinification and Aging:

Fermentation with indigenous yeasts, vinification with low sulphite content, aging in stainless steel and cement vats, light filtration.


Vintage 2017: Gold Medal Paris 2020

Chateau Coudert-Mauvezin_edited.png


Château Coudert-Mauvezin is at the origin of the Coudert vineyards. The first vines were planted in 1865 by Jean Baudou. Today the 5th generation of the Family runs this hilly 10 hectare estate planted exclusively with Merlot.



Color: Intense red

Nose: Typical fruitiness of Merlot with hints of plums, chocolate  and blackcurrant

Palate: Tasty, melted tannins


Food / Wine pairing: 

Cheese platter, grilled meats or chocolate desserts

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