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Article in: Vin et Champagne

A superb article on Vignobles Coudert was written by the Mag Vin & Champagne team from Ouest France. The estate's wines are in the spotlight as well as the history of the Coudert family!

"The Coudert vineyards are specialists in sulfur-free vinification. They have developed three vintages that break the codes of traditional Bordeaux wines. They have the daring idea of creating a cuvée aged in oak barrels, without the addition of sulphites, which they call “Barrique Rebelle”. They also develop the “Margot” cuvée, 100% Cabernet and without added sulphites. Margot represents the 6th generation of the Coudert family and gave its name to this cuvée when it was born. Finally, the third cuvée without sulphites is the “Raphaël” cuvée, a single varietal cuvée made from Merlot. "

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